A gas leak needs to be addressed immediate by a professional that knows how to find a gas leak and repair a gas leak. What should you do if you have a gas leak?

Check with your local gas company for emergency instructions in case of a gas leak. Some people may attempt to shut off the gas supply or troubleshoot the gas leak problem, but you should be prepared and have a plan of action incase of a gas leak.

Suspect a Gas Leak? Leave the area immediately! Then contact the proper authorities. Gas leak detection and repair comes after everyone's safe.

Gas leaks are very dangerous and should never be looked for or repaired by anyone other then a licensed master plumber.

If you smell gas or think you have a gas leak, do not turn any light switches on or off, leave the house, leave the door to the house open and call the gas company from a neighbors home or from a cell phone, but make sure you do not do it from inside the home, the smallest little spark may ignite the gas.

If you smell sewer gas in your home or around your home, this can be just as dangerous as natural gas. A sewer gas smell could be coming from a number of places and should be investigated by a professional plumber or septic contractor.

For more information on the sewer gas, visit sewergas.net.