Slab leaks are leaks that happen underneath your homes concrete floor. Have an unusually high water bill?

That might be a sign you have a hidden water leak. Some water leaks are obvious because you can see and hear the water running. When you can't hear or see a water leak, you should call in a professional leak detection service. Some companies specialize in just leak detection and may not actually repair a leak. Keep that in mind when you search for leak detection services.

Leaks under a slab can be a real problem, in most cases it is better to abandon the pipes under the slab and run the pipes above the slab, this option is not always available, when I worked in Florida we would run the pipes up into the attic and down the walls to the fixtures, in Florida this is ok because pipes do not freeze. In areas that are prone to freezing, it is not a good idea to run any pipes in an attic.

If you need slab leak repair, here is a helpful site with more information on slab leak repair.

How do you know if you have a slab leak? If water is coming up through the floor, it's a no-brainer, but you can have a leak under the slab and not know it till you have other problems, like a huge water bill or keep running out of hot water, if you have a hot water heating system, you may not be getting heat from a section of baseboard, all of these problems can be caused by other things and are not necessarily a slab leak, testing will need to be done to determine it there is a leak under the slab or not, a hot or warm spot on the cement floor is a good indication that a hot water pipe is leaking.

There were some cases in Florida where there are floating slabs, we decided to dig under the building and replace the pipe from under the building, this is not available in other areas because real deep foundations are required. Breaking the slab to make a repair is just a waste if time, if the pipe leaks in one place under a slab, the odds are good that all the pipe is at risk of developing a leak. One of my tricks is to use hot water baseboard covers to hide the water lines as I run the waterlines above the slab.